Connecting Devices

How do I watch the Cult Movie Network through my Sony BIVL devices on my computer?

To set up the Cult Movie Network on your Sony BIVL device:

  1. Visit Sony’s help page at https://internet.sony.tv/cultmovienetwork
  2. If you are a first time user, click “New to My Essentials?” to link your My ESSENTIALS account with your new Sony device.
  3. On the “Registration” page, click the “Where is this?” link to find your device registration code.
  4. Sign in to the Sony Internet TV platform. It should automatically forward you to the login page on the Cult Movie Network website.
  5. Sign in with your Cult Movie Network account to complete the association process.

NOTE: If you are having issues with your device related to your Sony My ESSENTIALS account, please contact Sony directly.


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How do I watch The Cult Movie Network through my ROKU device?

To watch the Cult Movie Network through your ROKU device:

  1. Associate your ROKU device with the Cult Movie Network Online.
    1. From your ROKU device, visit the Cult Movie Network website and copy down the code showing on your screen.
    2. On your computer, visit http://cultmovienetwork.com/roku and enter the ROKU code in the field provided. Click the submit button to continue.
  2. On your computer, go to http://cultmovienetwork.com/roku-signup and login to your Cult Movie Network account.
    1. Don’t have a paid Cult Movie Network account? Register and subscribe, then complete step 2 to start watching.

Click to view:

Connect ROKU (Step 1-a)
Step 1-a
Connect ROKU (Step 1-a)
Step 1-b

Connect ROKU (Step 2)
Step 2
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What does a Cult Movie Network subscription offer?

Subscribing to the Cult Movie Network entitles you to unlimited access to our video library of movies and series.лобановский класс харьковсветильник настенно потолочный

Can I watch the Cult Movie Network without being a paid member?

Full videos are only accessible to paid members. Users without a paid account will only have access to video previews.написать отзывштукатурные смеси

How does the 1¢ trial work?

In order to activate your account, the Cult Movie Network requires credit card information and a token amount to charge to it.

You will not be charged for the $2.99 monthly fee until your one-month anniversary of signing up. For example, if you sign up on March 22, your credit card will be charged for $2.99 monthly on April 22, May 22, June 22, and so on.

Never fear – you’re not locked in after your first month! To cancel your subscription, simply contact our customer service at info@cultmovienetwork.com at least one full business day before the end of your trial.seo продвижение что этоcasino free games

How do I update my credit card information?

To update you credit card information, please call the Cult Movie Network toll-free at 1.877.294.5388. Our customer service staff will be happy to update your account.заправка картриджей в москвеигри для детей

How much is a subscription?

The Cult Movie Network costs $2.99/month or $35/year. You will be charged on your credit card on the monthly anniversary date of your sign up.полиграфеcasino uk

How long will my subscription last?

Your subscription lasts as long as the credit card information we have on file matches that of your credit card provider.

The Cult Movie Network has partnered with Authorize.net to securely handle payments. ABSOLUTELY NO credit card information is stored by the Cult Movie Network.купить ноутбук в рассрочку москвапалатка киев

How do I cancel my subscription?

Please send a cancellation request to info@cultmovienetwork.com.

To ensure you are not charged for the following month, send in your request at least one full business day before your monthly billing date (usually the monthly anniversary of your signup).отбеливание zoom 3желтая футболка для девочки купить

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